Are you enjoying an intercontinental life?

An installation by Elisavet Kapogianni for XYZ Outlet #14

On Tuesday June 28th 2011 we were invited by the Athens Biennale team XYZ to present our installation “Are you enjoying an intercontinental life?” in a small, abandoned store in one of the most controversial neighborhoods of Athens in the downtown area of Metaxourgeio. Hosted by XYZ Outlet, a curatorial project running a series of short but compact projects in the occasion of 3rd edition of the Athens Biennale 2011, co-curated by Nicolas Bourriaud and XYZ




Elisavet Kapogianni constantly aspires to communicate diverse ideas beyond dress-making, exploring and crossing over through various disciplines like art. Through this artistic gesture, creating a both riveting and repulsive setting, she aimed to discuss the dark side of fashion, contemplate on contemporary lifestyle and rise thoughts on sustainability… all indulging in XYZ novel practice: "DRY: No drinks, no party, just an art quickie"






"Are you enjoying an intercontinental life? Creating dress has the fascination of the capability to transform the almost 2 dimensional fabric into a 3 dimensional object in an almost magical way and endless manners that this can become a small universe of itself and the clothed body. The overall labor intensive in garment construction and the anticipation of how it will turn out is almost a playful obsession. People tend to forget that most things are made by hand, that clothes are both designed and constructed by people. Manufacturing has become remote, detached from consumerism while hidden from view and restricted to ateliers and manufacturing plants and many times unethical, while hidden in sweatshops. Garment creation in the western world has become so remote that, within the current economic crisis and labor re-organization, is now fleeing away, leaving behind abandoned, decadent spaces and bandaged creators, nostalgically echoing durement."


“Are you enjoying an intercontinental life? aspires to create an immersive environment, highlighting the dark side of fashion; a side we consciously or unconsciously ignore. The title of the work itself poses a sarcastic question to both the workers and the consumers of the contemporary world, making the work’s intentions clear from the outset.
The ready-made and easily accessible clothes we enjoy today are part of a production chain involving many and varied departments, some directly connected with manual labor, and without the added value included in their design and promotion. The process of clothes-making has become remote and detached from their consumption, hidden in ateliers and manufacturing plants, often in sweatshops usually in places where the economic, political and cultural conditions allow it, labor rights are mostly nonexistent and child labor accepted…”

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XYZ present XYZ Outlet and their new practice: "DRY: No drinks, no party, just an art quickie"


“In a tiny, abandoned store, in the downtown area of Metaxourgeio, a variety of projects will be showcased every two weeks, every other Tuesday, starting December 7th 2010 and running until the end of 2011. Each project will start promptly at 20:00 and will last up to an hour.”

“The concept of this curatorial project is built along two main interests that form the core of XYZ’s practice: the politics of the personal, and the issue of narrative, ‘experiential’ and ‘immersive’ space. Along these two axes, notions of identity, representation, history, oppression, and possibilities of critical engagement in the face of crisis, will be addressed through versatile artistic gestures, selected for their intuitive, indirect, empirical and sometimes poetic approach...” Read more