Elisavet Kapogianni aspires to be a designation for those in pursuit of a better version of themselves by defying norms and having faith in unrushed change.

Crafting pared-down, enduring, high quality garments with conceptual edge and versatility in styling, Elisavet Kapogianni seeks to strike a balance among utility, ethics and aesthetics.

Fusing structured drapery and tailoring finishes in each garment, favoring comfort over decoration, using fine enduring fabrics and blurring the boundaries of size fit, results in relaxed silhouettes that can be accessorized to highlight femininity without being provocative.

The collections reflect a dynamic timeless sophistication based on classic aesthetic form reinvented, that feel stylish and wearable from the moment they’re seen or touched.

Through steady design development, focusing on quality, each time Elisavet Kapogianni is curating a modular wardrobe like an art collection: It is limited edition, cherished and made to last.





We pay homage to the refined, contemporary woman, in pursuit of a better version of herself. She is a multi-tasking hero, beyond leisure, that survives the chaotic urban life, existing everywhere, often in the everyday women, whose stories we can relate.

She is bold and intelligent, constantly revising, the status quo and defying the limits of a branded gender.

She cares for objects for their origins and quality.

She is an influencer at her home and workplace not as a radical, but as silent power modeling what she stands for and inspiring others to bring together things in their own way.

She is a “parent”, even without offspring, because she invests in her relationships with responsibility and respect, like nurturing any living being.

Elisavet Kapogianni aspires to be a name for this inspiring contemporary feminine hero and offer sartorial solutions that give form and color to her unsung stories.





Greek -Canadian, born in Athens, Greece in 1979

Graduated in 2002 from the Arts and Design department of the University of Derby in the UK, presenting her graduate womenswear collection in London.

Works as a design intern in 2001 for London based experimental brand Vexed Generation and gets involved with the brand’s cross-disciplinary design projects and exhibitions.

Designs for 7 years in leading Greek womenswear brand, starting 2003, while later appointed head designer of the brand’s denim collection.

In 2010 establishes her Elisavet Kapogianni womenswear label, located in Athens, Greece.





Elisavet Kapogianni founded her personal label focusing on what makes her get out of bed each morning: Deliver beauty and inspiration through design, while creating mindfully.

With a sophisticated and experimental approach at its core, it embraces both personal creativity and collective aspirations.

Rooted at its philosophy is a play with contrasting elements Organic/structures, Orthodox/modern, with inspiration palette brought together by art, design, science, personal obsessions, but also emotions evoked by raw materials themselves, that sign the image of the clothes.


Dedicated to “slow” fashion, it is absorbed with project- based capsule collections, rather than large scale season-focused productions, through unrushed design progress and steady development of signature pieces, that most can be found all year around in the e shop.

All designs are mindfully crafted, locally in Athens, in short runs, incorporating minimum waste, stock lot and up-cycling methods.

But the quality of a garment does not limit its self to its matter. We equally respect a product of its manufacturing origins. We work closely with a team of skillful partners who we respect, ensuring fair wages and no child labor.

With the moto minimal but not frugal and working with a team of excellent partners, the brand ensures high quality pieces that are made to last.

The whole creation process for us means ethics + aesthetics

It’s all about taking your time to think and invest on quality and labor rather than quantity. We approach “slow” fashion through unrushed design progress and steady development of signature pieces that you cannot really pin down to a particular season or fashion caprice. Often, we simply explore proportion of designs of previous collections and give it an up to date take. We aim to create items that are one garment too many, with which you can form a somewhat modular wardrobe, that can be translated in sustainable wardrobe. Many of our garments easily transformed and worn in more than one way (ie upside down /double fast). I am creating relaxed forms and sizing so it can be adapted to a woman’s possible change of her figure and still be wearable and beautiful.

Layering is recurring theme in our collections, focusing to create pieces that are all day/ all year around and you can use them interchangeably according to your daily or seasonal needs.

Our design and development also incorporate minimum waste attitudes. Often, we adapt my original design to reduce waste in cutting and sometimes it results in unexpected shapes. The same attitude applies in, by using small stock lot of quality fabrics sourced locally and from Europe, up-cycling our own material stock and off-cuts but also our industry’s waste. We use off cuts discarded from the leather industry and we update them with handcraft techniques and used them as functional details.

We use high quality, enduring materials, fine details and craftsmanship and make products that are here to last. We also associate quality with mindfulness. We aspire to a new fashion luxury that is anchored in sensibility and empathy and have refrained from the use of wild animal skin and fur since the establishment of the brand. We currently use mainly quality natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool and their blends with man- made fibers, that are long-lasting, but also recycled fibers that are equally enduring and alternatives to silk.